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Has your office copier printer jammed for the fifth time today? Does your copy machine continue to make this irritating grinding noise? That indicates that something is really wrong with your multifunctional copier printer , and here in Phoenix, Arizona, at PrintScan Solutions, not only do we sell copier printer systems, scanner systems, color copiers and black & white copiers, we also service these machines when they break down.

Similar to cars, it does not matter how good the machine; if you continue to use it, every copier printer will have its bad day. When that happens, the strength of your copier will only be as good as the people who stand behind you. At PrintScan Solutions, we have unparalleled customer service and expertise in repairing broken copiers. That means that we grasp the source of the problem much faster, and we understand the solution. That reduces your downtime so that you can meet deadlines and help more customers.

Whenever you buy a copier printer, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned from time to time because this lowers the number of service calls. After a period of time, there will be a buildup of dust and other debris that leads to copier printer repairs. Almost every technician that we have ever spoken with has said that the accumulation of dust is a huge cause of internal parts breaking down. While it sounds unnecessary, regular professional maintenance ensures that your copier runs at the optimal performance level.

How does someone go about placing a service call? If you are looking to place a service call, contact PrintScan Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, at (480)247-3010. You can also fill out our convenient service call request form and place your name, email and phone number so that we know you need servicing. We never recommend waiting if you feel that your copier is under performing because this can lead to more expensive repairs. For example, if your copier is making a grinding noise, this is not good. It means that the parts are on the verge of breaking, and you will want to call a technician before this happens so that you don’t have to buy unnecessary parts.

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