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Black & White Copiers

Black and white copiers are some of the most economic multifunctional printers on the market today. Trying to find a black & white copier at a discount price? Here at PrintScan Solutions, we have state-of-the-art copiers for black and white printing to keep your printing costs low. When does it make sense to buy a monochrome copier? One of the best times to choose this option is when you do a lot of communicating with employees, but you do not have a high demand for marketing materials. You’re not trying to sell your employees anything, so printing color copies is frivolous.

You always want to remain clear about the future use of your copy machine to decide on whether you should choose a black & white copier or a color printer. Also, size will have an impact too. You don’t want to choose a copier solution that does more harm than good and costs you a lot in both time and money.

What can you do to select the right black & white copier? Aside from looking at purpose, your copier should have a straightforward operation. For example, it should be able to scan, print, fax and copy if those are your business needs. Never forget to look at the pages per minute. If you have a higher print volume, you may want a copier with a slightly faster pages per minute capability because these copiers tend to break down less often. Also, look at the size of the paper tray. If you have a tray that only holds 250 sheets, you may have to refill the tray a lot more. You will increase productivity by adding additional paper trays or a large capacity paper pedestal. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective copier print solution, perhaps double-sided printing will interest you. In fact, duplex printing will lower your paper costs by around 50% because you are maximizing page space.

Here at PrintScan Solutions, we recommend that people choose a black & white copier when much of their printing demand involves printing text. If you need a great monochrome copier, do not hesitate to check us out. We have used copier printer specials that can lower the price even more, and that savings can be put back into other aspects of your business. We would love the opportunity to earn your business, and we can accommodate for almost every budget. For further information, call us at (480)247-3010.

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