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Leasing a Copier in Arizona

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Lease a Copier for as low as $67.00 per month!

Office Equipment Leases are a great way to get the quality equipment you need at an affordable monthly rate, instead of paying all the money upfront for to purchase the equipment, think of it as a financing option. Contact PrintScan Solutions for your office equipment leasing needs. We offer leasing a copier for most major brands of office equipment from manufactures such as Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Sharp, Xerox & more.

We Lease High Quality Low Meter Digital Copiers! 

Office Equipment Lease Options:

  • Printer Leases: A lease will let you spread the cost of your printers over a period of time with payments you can afford.
  • Copier Leases: Copiers are a needed piece of office equipment that still has a high-price tag. Let PrintScan Solutions lease one to you with affordable monthly payments.
  • Fax Machine Leases: Even with the advancements in email and internet communications, fax machines are still a primary resource for receiving and sending information, such as signed documents. Let PrintScan Solutions supply you with fax machines for your office at price you can afford.

Leasing a Copier in Arizona

Here at PrintScan Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, we have excellent deals on copier printer leases. Why does someone choose to sign a copier printer lease? Well, one of the big reasons that people choose to lease an office copier relates to lower upfront payment. You don’t have to drop $6,000 or more on a photocopier all at once, which means that you can place that saved capital into more pressing aspects of your business like inventory, advertisements and business investments.

Leasing also becomes a better route to getting a more expensive copier. It keeps you competitive with bigger corporations. For example, a multifunctional color copier costs a fair amount of cash when you buy it up front. While color copiers have come down in price over the years, black & white copiers still cost less. If only the bigger corporations can afford these machines, it makes competing with the big names more difficult because they can produce better quality. With leasing, you can afford a higher end copier printer with more features.

Many businesses choose to lease because they can stay competitive and keep the latest office technology at their company. For example, the average lease will last around three years, and after that, the technology becomes obsolete. Older copiers consume more electricity, they use more toner and they have less convenient features. As result, you will often pay more in unforeseen costs like not staying competitive. Another one of the reasons that people lease a copy machine is because it gives you predictable monthly payments and approval is super fast. Many times, within 24 to 48 hours, you have approval for a lease. Getting that kind of loan from the bank can take weeks, and then you don’t know if they will actually approve it or not.

Leases also have the advantage of scalability. When you buy upfront and your business outgrows the office copier, you have to drop more cash on an expensive photocopier or be held back. With a lease, you always have the option to upgrade as needed, so there’s a lot of flexibility for your business to grow. Here at PrintScan Solutions, we offer the option to lease an affordable copy machine that will give your business the edge it needs to compete.

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