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Copier Accessories

When you look at photocopier accessories, you want to ask yourself, “How will this help my business?” For example, if you have a high need for constant stapling of papers, then an automatic stapler sorter finisher on your copier will save you a lot of time.

We will work with your company to discover the best copier and printer accessories for your company. We can also look at features like 100 sheet paper capacity automatic document feeding, double-sided scanning and single-pass scanning, Super G3 fax option, large capacity paper pedestal, additional 550 sheet paper trays. All of this will contribute to a more productive and more efficient work environment. If you are interested in learning more about copier and printer accessories, contact PrintScan Solutions for further information.

Canon Copier

Popular Copier Accessories:

Finisher / Stapler / Sorter

Paper Deck

Fax Board

Print Controller (ImagePass, ColorPass, Fiery)

2/3 Hole Punch

Document Insertion / Folding Unit

Cassette Feeding Unit / Two Additional 550 Sheet Paper Drawers

Envelope Feeder Attachment

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